Hello World…. Better Together….

Have you ever felt so alone   you did not know where to turn? Even in the presence of friends and family and neighbors; Have you wondered where all the people are? Why are you feeling so alone in the midst of all those around you? Are you surrounded by multitudes, yet feel like there is nobody near enough to reach out to touch or speak to at this moment?  Do you hear what is happening around you, but feel all alone in the crowd? Are you passing through circumstance that threaten to drown you, encountering  fires of doubt, committing  acts of unkindness for no reason, are you yelling in silence and everyone seems to be passing by; ears not hearing, eyes not seeing, arms empty of all emotions?

These things assail everyone at one time or the other, last longer for some than others, come more often than necessary for some,   BUT God says it is better together; so come and set aside some prayer time; set aside everything and turn your heart to Him. Bring your heart-felt friends in prayer, bring your neighbors and family in prayer and come sit quietly  in His presence for a moment and get your heart prepared to pray one for another. Meditate on Him, pour out your aloneness, fears, feelings, doubts, acts, yelling, emptiness to Him and He will fill you up with His joy, love, peace.

Make prayer a priority and spend time in the presence of the One who can empower and equip you to do all things.  There are times that you need fellowship and encouragement from other believers. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a primary source of strength. If you seek first the Kingdom and bring your friends along, God will fill you up, run you over and shake you together with His Spirit and equip you to do what He has call you to and all these things that have come to hinder you will be turned into power to over come.

Lord, we come before you now seeking your help in all things. We bring friends, family and neighbors to Your throne of grace and receive from Your hand all our needs met!


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