Hello World….Maranatha, my friends….

All day long I have had an expectancy in my heart for the Presence of my Father……

He never fails to meet with me some time during the day or evening and as I was preparing for bed after I had spent some time with a dear sister on the phone praying, He spoke to my heart:

       Our prayer time  together is precious to Me, Child. Especially when you set aside everything and turn your attention and heart to Me, I rejoice over you. You are my girl and I love spending time with you. Your name brings joy to my life and I run to you when you cry Abba. My heart longs for those moments when we come together in quite prayer and your prayers turn into praise and worship. I rejoice when You dance before me and delight in  My touch. You have learned that you can not do it alone and you delight in Me as much as I delight in you.       I am glad you remember to come and talk to me, I am glad when you sit still at My feet and learn my Word. I see you when you cry and hear your whisper ‘will this pain last forever?’     The answer my Child is No. …. for I wipe away every tear, every pain, every disappointment in your life and give you my joy to replace your pain.   Do not fret about your child that has come home; she is in My hand and there  is no more lack for her. She is experiencing the promise I made to her when I gave my angel charge over her at age 4.  Do you remember what she told you?   No more bed wetting, no more pain, no more hurt, no more crying, clean clothes, pretty clothes, purple socks……. Yes My Child, she now has all the promises I made to her fulfilled in her new home.

      Soon and very soon all my children will be with me for it is My promise to you and to all who call on the name of the Lord. Rejoice my Beloved, when fear whispers that life will always look as it does today, remind yourself of My promises to you that ‘this too shall pass’  and then put your eyes on Me and My Word, and the Kingdom I have given unto you.   I love you, Child Maranatha….

My eyes are upon the One who gave Himself for me that I may inherit eternal life……


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