Hello World…Understanding blessing/obedience

This morning as I read Galatians 5: 1-26, a still small Voice began the emerge from my innermost being speaking words of love and encouragement to me. I will share this still small Voice with you and let you experience the peace and understanding He gave me.

You shall forever always love me with all your heart as I have spoken in My Word; You shall love me with all your mind, will and emotions; You shall love me with all your strength, for my joy is your strength.  As I bestow my Spirit upon and in you, I know you will cast down all high things and arguments from man that are brought against you in judgement pertaining to My Knowledge.  Any argument put forth to you by mankind as to what I have spoken and am speaking to you, you shall bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of My Ways. Do not argue with the enemy. Stand fast in all that I speak to you….obedience is better than sacrifice.

When you pass through the rivers, they shall not overflow you and when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon you, for I AM the Lord your God and I will help you to obey righteousness and disallow unrighteousness. You will obey My Truths with wisdom and understanding. Then will I keep My indignation and wrath far, far away from you and you will receive favor from My hand, blessings and favor because you choose to serve and obey My Word, My Commands, My Way, My Truth and you will also receive the blessings of My Life in you forever.   No more going in and going out. You will abide IN ME forever.

My understanding is with obedience and following Him, I will continue to learn  how to obey and follow — Him —   I will continue to learn what it means for the Spirit of the Lord to live big in me and me live  in Him and become God’s cheerleader making the most of each day He gives me to His honor and glory;  for in my weakness, He is my strength…. and I know that I know that I know what I know is coming from Him because I am His sheep and I know His voice and I will not follow another all the days of my life…    Amen

Neither will you if you are willing and obedient…….


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