Hello World…He Came to Visit Last Night

MANY PEOPLE DO NOT BELIEVE WHEN THEY HEAR THAT JESUS PAID SOMEONE A VISIT but last night my sister =n=law and I were praying for along time …..when we finished the presence of the Lord was tangibly present with us and we both heard him say:

HE TOLD US HE IS well pleased, called us His girls, that we were doing what He wanted us to do ===  We WERE TO tell a lot of people about Him and that we should not fret about what the enemy was doing — he could not hurt us because the Spirit  was protecting us. We should keep on doing what He had called us to do,, give away all the love and care He gave to us. He would be there when we called . The word to us was good and we had a moment of awe and wonder. The peace in the room was overwhelming and the love He touched us with is indescribable.

Ir was much longer than that but that is the only thing we can conscientiously remember.

But it was good….I slept all night and got us ready for a new day….How wonderful!


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