Hello World….He Read my Post…New Depth…

OMG! Thank you Lord, he read my post and questioned me about my love for another man….

I told him, “Yes, I am in love with another man. He is the best thing that every happened to me and He is the reason you have a wife that loves only you….”

The questions in his eyes were obvious but unspoken for several minutes. As he sat there looking at me, he said, “So this is how much you love Him? Does that mean you love me less?”     I smiled and said, “No honey, it means I love you more today than yesterday and I will love you more tomorrow than I do today because of Him…..for you see – my love, He has taught me how to love, how to forgive, how to be strong in weakness, how to go on when the going gets rough, and He has told me the story that most people long for….He has told me how to be happy ever after …. for He has forgiven me all my sins, He has healed me, He has redeemed me  and crowned me with love and compassion.

He has painted the sky blue with white clouds, He has given my garden rain during a dry spell, He has supplied all my needs with gifts freely given, He is my peace in a storm, He is my joy in the morning, He has forgiven me more than I can tell, He has loved me with an everlasting love and I rejoice in Him that you, my dear husband, can receive from me that which I have been given and you can be happy ever after too”

Lord, help me daily to remember the benefits of inviting you into my life…..


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