Hello World…Spiritual Depth Precept # 11

The Spirit of the Lord was now in full control of the next events happening for the next forty-five minutes.  As they came into the room together, this word came from the Lord through me to both of them:

“Today is the day you both must begin to mend the way of living and repent. For I have not called you to drink and do drugs and to waste your lives. I will give you space to repent and if you do not, remember this word: THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH.  I do not desire your death but that you should live and not die.  Repent before it is too late and come back to me baby girl for you know who I AM. You, her brother in this, should call on me before it is too late, for the WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH and you will go to outer darkness if you do not repent. I say to you both, Repent and stop the things of this world that you both are doing for the WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH. Hear the Word I send to you now and repent before it is too late for the both of you.”

  Neither wanted or expected to hear what came out of my mouth and neither did I.  With a room full of drunks and drug addicts sitting, standing and laying everywhere on the floor, the Lord spoke this word through me. They both got angry; cursing and screaming  for  me to leave the house or ‘else’. The big burley man who had let me in told them to shut up and listen because what he had heard was coming from Someone Else, not the mama standing there looking at her child and her child’s brother. He walked over to my child and told her close up, “You better shut up and listen. This is a serious word coming from her and both of you better show some respect for the Word she said. Don’t you curse at her again!”  The both kept quite from that moment on and I told them I loved them and I could only do what the Lord had told me to do and I had no choice but to obey so I was leaving and I loved them both ,very, very much and did not want to see them dead either. I only wanted them to leave this place with me and get some help. I would see that both got into rehab if they would come now and do what was right.

They both quietly told me to leave so I turned and the big burley man opened the front door and smiled at me as he said, “I heard what you said. I know. They will leave here today for I will not have any of that on my head.” I just left them there and prayed all the way back home.  

Her little brother, went into rehab time after time for 5 years. On his last trip to rehab, he met Jesus at one of the meetings he went to and asked Jesus to forgive him for the way he had always lived… When I picked him up from his last rehab class, he told me on the way home he had become a head, “This is my last time in here. I received the LORD into my heart and he forgave me for all my sin…and I ask you to forgive me for all the things I have said to you and about you over the past years. I understand now and I don’t want to go back to that life again. I would rather die that live like that again.  Do you forgive me Auntie?  I told him yes and I had always forgiven him all along the life that had been oozing out of him over the years. That I knew the real nephew that was hidden under all those drugs and the alcohol addition he was caught in. I told him that drinking was a choice to begin with and at age 9 when he had started sneaking drinks from his dads bar, he was really to young to understand what addiction was and how it would take hold of him. Now that the Lord had delivered him, I told him he needed to stay away from his past friends and find some new ones who didn’t deal drugs or drink alcohol. He laughed and said he was sure going to try to stay away from that life. He was 36 years old on this trip we were on. Within two weeks, his old buddies were back at his front door and his sister, who was alcoholic was still drinking in his presence.  September 2, 2010 he took his own life and died at the age of  36.  His words came back to me: “I would rather die than go back to that old life”.

Some people say if you kill yourself, you won’t go to heaven. Some people say if you drink and smoke and do bad stuff, you won’t go to heaven. What do you think? My nephew told me once that the life he was living was Hell and Hell could not get any worse than where he was living and how he was living . He said to me, “Auntie, I live in constant excruciating pain every moment of my life. When my eyes are open, I am in horrible pain. I don’t have a  home, no children, no wife, no job, no nothing and my body is racked with pain constantly. Pills and drugs and even the alcohol I drink does not stop the pain. When I broke my back and crushed the bones in my feet, I have lived with the most horrible pain you can think of ever since. I live in hell and it can not get any worse for me. I believe that the Lord will heal me one day and I hope soon, for the drinking and drugs have not helped me one bit. Now that I have come out of that, I believe in my heart that He died for me and right now here talking to you, I noticed that I am feeling no pain. And I hope it never comes back. I told him the Lord was his helper and he could do all things with His help. Just hold on to the Hand of the  One who call him out of darkness into the light and all things would be possible to him.  We buried him next to my brother, his uncle, and my daddy, his grand father on Sept. 5, 2010. May God rest his weary soul.

to be continued…


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