Hello World…Spiritual Depth Precept…# 9

Well, there are the many depth’s that I have had the privilege to journey through.  Before I tell you about my ‘tail/head’ experience. I must give you some up-to-date news.

My adopted daughter, age 38, that I will call (baby girl)  just passed away unexpectedly for everyone except me. She had been dealing with an addiction since she was 13 years old. We adopted her when she was just 4 years old, and  raised her in a Christian home. She was a beautiful sweet obedient happy child until she turned 14 and her real MOTHER decided she wanted her to come live with her because she needed to get to know ‘her’ child. My baby girl  knew she was adopted and was happy.  I answered all her questions and she knew the situation about the adoption and how she had come to be adopted and why. She had even told the judge at the time of the adoption when he asked her where she would like to live and who she would like to live with, “I want to live with my Daddy and pointed to my husband and my Mommy and pointed to me.” We had her about a year before we adopted her and she was fully aware of her real Mother and how that life was.  She didn’t want to go back to the place of dirty clothes, wet beds, and lack of food where the smell of alcohol was a daily household odor.  No father, no home, just nothing permanent anywhere at all.

At the age of 5, I heard her talking to someone during the night and I got up and went into her bed room to check on her. Her night-light was brightly shining so I could see her as plain as day. She was sitting up on her bed smiling, with her eyes dancing pointing to the corner of the room. I saw nothing. I heard her say, “And I won’t ever wet the bed again, and I won’t be hungry. I have a new dolly and prettier clothes. .. and mommy takes me to church.”  I broke the conversation by asking her, Who are you talking  too?” She looked at me with big eyes and put her hand over her mouth and stated, “The Angel, mommy! He is standing right over there by the window.” I saw nothing, but I smiled and said, “What did he say to you?” She said with innocent eyes smiling, “He said that I was never going to wet the bed again and not be hungry. …and I told him about my doll and new clothes and church”. He was happy and said for me to know that Jesus loves me and died for me and He will be taking care of me with your help from now on.” I thought I was talking to an adult. She was only 5 years old and explaining to me the “PLAN”.  I hugged her and told her she needed to go back to sleep because we had a lot to do tomorrow and it was just past mid-night. She laid down while I covered her up and said, “I love you and Jesus and Daddy. Good night.”

I went back to bed thinking about what had just taken place. I would talk to the pastor about this later and see what he thought. I knew the Lord spoke to me in my Spirit, but to a 5-year-old? However, the next day, I was so busy I forgot to call him. And it was actually 3 years later when she was 8 years old that I asked him about it.  We were at church one Sunday and she went to the altar when the invitation to receive Jesus was given and she got up by herself and went down. She got down on her knees and was praying and when she got up she told me and everyone else, “I want to be baptised, because Jesus lives in my heart.” The pastor talked to her for a while and he told me she knew exactly what she was doing and I asked him about what happen when she was 5 and he just smiled and said, “She is in His hands. She will always be alright.”  She was baptised the next Saturday in the swimming pool at a deacon’s house in the back yard at a “Baptism Party” for all who had gotten saved that month.

The next five years were happy, uneventful and we did a lot of fun things together. When she turned 13, her MOTHER came back into the picture. She had divorce the man she had married.  (not baby girl’s real father) Her two boys, by two different fathers, were old enough to know their sister and she want them to try to be a family and for her to know her half-brothers. I prayed about it, cried about it, said nothing to anyone except the Lord about it and finally peace came into  my heart and I said, “OK”. reluctantly. I had to trust God with this situation because I knew if I resisted, it would make matters a lot worse. I said, “I will be here if you want to come home, if you need me, if you need anything at all…..just pick up the phone and call me.”   She said she would and for one year she stayed. She would call to say she loved me and ask how daddy was and how I was and how her dog was. For one year she was gone.  At 14  she called and  asked, “Mama, can I come home?” That was all she said. When I asked why, she stated that she wanted to come back home, she missed her Daddy and me. She missed her dog and she missed her bed.  Her real MOTHER was drinking again and she didn’t want to stay there any more.  I said, “Come home, baby girl. Your bed is ready to have you sleep in it again. Mama loves you and I will be there to pick you up as soon as possible.” She just said “OK”. She was waiting in the yard with her bag of clothes. As she climbed in the car she smiled and said, “I love you, Mama.”  I smiled and said, “I love you, Baby Girl.”  



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