Hello World…..Spiritual Depth Precept…# 8

He passed out in the car and she took him directly to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a brainstem aneurism. that caused his death at age 36. He was buried 5 days later next to our Daddy…The Lord is faithful in all He does….

His hospital stay was short due to the magnitude of the aneurism. He supposedly never regained conscienceless according to the Doctor’s but his wife and our Mom had a conversation with him the last day. The doctor told his wife she was going to have to make a decision to unplug life support on him. She said she could not do it. She  thought the doctor should make the decision and just do it. An argument went on in the room where he lay with all the tubes and electrical wires connected to him until Mom told them to take it outside. Mom stood and talked to him quietly because she said the monitors were rising up high and that she wanted him to be calm and as she talked the monitors went down lower and lower until they were back to a normal range.

Later that night, his wife told Mom she was going home to take a shower and change clothes because she had been in the hospital day and night for three days. Mom said she would stay.Mom told me that his wife had talked to him before she left and told him someone was going to have to make a decision about life support being removed and she asked him what he wanted her to do. While she was talking to him, his little finger moved up and down. His wife asked him could he hear her and his finger moved up again. She was surprised because the doctors said he was not aware of anything or anybody – his brain was so badly damaged. She tested the finger movement with several yes or no questions that she knew he could answer and she would know if he could hear her. All answers were good to go to her.  She asked him if he wanted her to unplug the machines and he moved his finger down to respond to NO.  She asked him if he was aware that the doctors said he could not live because of the brain damage and he responded with a YES upward motion answer. She asked him if he was ready to go and he responded with an upward motion of this finger to YES. She again asked him if he wanted her to turn off the machines and he responded downward with a NO. She told him she loved him, YES was his response. Mother told him she loved him and he responded with  YES. Mom told him she was sorry she had not spoken to him and told him she was sorry for what she said before he left Georgia, did he forgive her and he responded with an UP,  YES and held it there.  His wife told mom she was going to go ahead and go home to get her shower and change clothes and she would be back in a little over an hour. She had been gone about 20 minutes when Mom said the room got real bright and the machines did a strange noise and she felt his Spirit leave the room. She said there was no mistaking what had just happened because every machine in the room went to buzzing and sounding alarm bells and nurses and doctors came from everywhere but there was nothing they could do. He was gone.

 It was a birth defect that caused his death at age 36. He was  a ‘head’ when he died and met the Lord….Many people came to his funeral and he was remembered for his love of the Lord and all the good he did and none of the things when he was tails.

I believe that we human’s are so wrapped up in junk that we have a hard time believing anything.  We would rather believe a fairy tale than the Truth. Some are caught up the way they think it should be and some are caught up in the way other people think it should be….why can’t we just listen to the Spirit and know the Truth when He tells it to us?? 

My story  from tails to head in the next edition…..


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