Hellow World….Spiritual Depth Precept #5

One year later he became a ‘head’ on his way home from work when the Lord appeared to him as a passenger in his car and told him, “Today is the day of salvation, Choose this day Whom you will serve.”  My brother called me and told me this story:  “I was driving home from work, when beside me in the passenger seat of my car, a man appeared dressed in white who spoke in a gentle tone and told me that He was the Lord Christ Jesus and He was giving me a choice today to choose life or choose death. He told me all about myself and that today was the day of salvation and I should repent and give my life to Him and He would give me new life. My brother said it scared him so bad that he ran off the road into a field but there was no harm to him or his car. He said he just sat there with his head on the steering wheel looking at the man beside him who did not look anything like the pictures painted of Jesus…. but the voice was gentle and kind and the eyes were looking into his soul and he knew he knew this was the saviour of the world. He said, “Lord, what?” and the man said, ‘Repent and believe that IAM the one who will come into your heart and give you new life and I will.” He said, “I repent and I do believe you.” He said suddenly he felt this weight lift off him and he got out of the car and ran into the field crying and jumping and shouting, “I’m saved, I’m saved, I’m saved”. He said, “when I got back to the car, no one was there and I thought, OH MY LORD< How am I going to get the car out of this field and back on the road and get home?”  and a voice told him to get in the car and start the motor and back up. He said he did and the car just went back in the same tracks and upon the road as easy as pie. He told me he drove home and told his wife what happened and she just looked at him like he was crazy and said, “Sure you are!” He told me he finally convinced her and that on Sunday they were going to start going to church and they did. He became a new man who stopped drinking, stop drugs began reading his bible and attending church until the day he died.

The young man who thought he was living in hell after Viet Nam got saved and became a new creation….heads after spending years as ‘tails’.

Daddy who was tails has his own story. He was a good man, who had a family, worked hard to support his wife and four kids. He never set foot in a church and didn’t want his wife and kids to go to church….but he was a good man who took care of his family and help people in need with money and his time and whatever he could do to help them out, he would. He cussed, drank some, smoked a lot, lied, cheated on his wife occasionally, but he was basically a good man. He never killed anybody, he never did drugs, he didn’t break the law, drove faster than the speed limit many times, but a good man….if you know what I mean.

At the age of 62 he came to see me,  his oldest daughter,  who had become a ‘head’ at age 25. I was washing dishes on this beautiful spring morning with all the doors open when he made his way into my home. I looked up and he was standing in my kitchen smiling at me saying, “I need to talk to you if you got time.” I said, ‘sure daddy. Let me finish these dishes and I will sit down with you. Have a seat.” He mumbled something and walked back into the living room. He came back in a moment and said, “Oh, never mind. I will talk to you later when you ain’t busy.” and turned to leave.  I grabbed a towel to dry my hands and he was already out the front door, going down the walk-way before I got to him. I called and asked him to come back so we could sit on the porch and talk. He turned around and grimaced. “Naw, you are too busy and I need to get back home. Your mama will be wondering where I am.”  I said, “dad, just come sit on the step and tell me what’s up.” He smiled and said, “I just need you to tell me how to find this same Jesus you know so I can, can yuh, you know…. and don’t look at me while I talk and I don’t know how too, you know…just turn your head and don’t look at  me!”

I smiled and told him to come sit on the top step and I would sit on the bottom step and I would tell him all he needed to know to get saved. He said, “I don’t know how to pray.” I told him he didn’t have to pray, all he had to do was talk to God and tell him how he felt and repent and believe that Jesus died for his sins…ask God to forgive him and then ask Jesus to come into his heart and he would be saved.”  He said, “You pray and I will say what you say.” and I began to pray the sinners prayer. He began to pray after me, word for word and when I stopped praying – he kept on confessing all he had done and I turned and looked at him. Tears were running down his face and his eyes were closed and he kept telling God all about his life and what he had done…..I knew he was having his first conversation with my Father and that he was entering into the new life that was there all the time for him. Three months later he died of a massive heart attack.  God is faithful.

to be continued….


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