Hello World….. Exploring Spiritual Depth Precepts #1

How interested are you in exploring Spiritual depth? Would you say you believe half what you see and nothing of what you hear? What if I told you that according to your faith be it done to you….. I can hear you asking me      What does faith have to do with spiritual depth?   If I told you that it is the basis for all spiritual depth would you believe me?

Let us begin with researching the meaning of a couple of words.  Meanings of these words taken from  The New College Edition of the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. We all need to be on the same page and understand what the words mean before we begin to unlock this mystery….don’t you think?

 Depth:   1. the condition or quality of being deep. 2. the extent, measurement or dimension downward, backward or inward. 3. the middle, inner, or most remote or inaccessible part.

Precepts:  1. a rule or principal imposing a particular standard of action or conduct.

Spiritual:  1. of, relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit, not tangible or material  2. of, concerned with or affecting the soul  3. of , from or pertaining to God.

Now that we all have the exact meaning of the words we are going to explore, let us begin with a question.  Are you the type person who only believes in what you can see, hear, smell, taste or feel  or are you the type person who has an understanding of faith that believes without sight and yet you can hear an inner voice speaking to you about certain things in your life?  Where shall we begin?  Why not, let us take the two together and compare between them as we go. I know that I have been and am on both sides of this coin and I know what it means to have no faith in anything and only believe what I saw, heard, smelled, tasted or felt….I know what it feels like to be on the other side of that coin and have faith, beginning with, many years ago, a little faith, that over the years has grown to where it is now….of which I will share some things that will probable knock your socks off as far as believing goes.

Let’s do the ‘heads, you are in faith’ and ‘tails, you are not in faith’. We will start with tails, not in faith first….becasue that is where I was 39 years ago, let go back to 41 years ago when my dad and brother and I were in the living room of my dad’s home and a witness came to his door and he invited her in to witness to us about her faith. You must remember that all three of us were tails at that time and she was heads…. alone she was with three tails who had no faith and no church upbringing and no bible knowledge, but lots of worldly knowledge and bold, brassy ability to give you hell if you didn’t know what you were talking about and didn’t have the answers to back it up.

She began with her name and affiliation with a local church and an invitation to visit them. Then she began to ask questions: ‘Are you saved?’  ‘From what’?, my brother asked. “You know. …”  and before she could finish, he proceeded to tell her he saved all his money and was going to buy a motorcycle soon. ….then he laughed…She said, “do any of you attend church?”  we all said “NO” at the same time and my dad began to tell her that church was for people who didn’t go fishing on Sunday’s or play golf with the guy’s like he did. She dropped her head and I almost felt guilty letting her sit there being ridiculed by my brother and father, yet I kept quite until she asked if we died were we sure where we were going and my brother told her if she was going to bring up hell she could just leave because he had just come home from hell and didn’t want to discuss it. She said, “Hell is not on this side, it is on the other side” and he proceeded to tell her that Viet Nam was hell on earth and he had just spent a little over a year in hell so not to try to tell him anything about hell. With that, I spoke up and asked her to leave before she got to crying. Tears were in her eyes as she dropped her head and said, “I’m sorry that I bothered this family. All of you have a lot to find out and I am not the one to tell you, I can see that right now.”  I picked up her bible and handed it back to her and said, “You need to study a  little more and get more comfortable with heathens than you are now so that we can’t shake you up like that. It won’t be so bad the next time you try if you know more about what you are trying to say.”  She left crying and I never forgot how sad she looked as she left…

Continued tomorrow……


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