Hello Beloved….Children Story continued….

Amber:  Her name fit her personality and life in general.  She had curly dark blond hair, blue eyes and pink cheeks. Her mouth was running most of the time once she got to know you. She didn’t put up with much from the other kids and she knew what she wanted and when she wanted it. She could stand her ground with the older kids and usually did. Nobody was going to run over her and she let everyone know it. She was loveable and sweet in the most adorning way, but she was ready always to let you know she was going to do what she was going to do.

Jandy:  A spirited blond blue-eyed cutie. She was one who could speak up and speak out with an answer you would least expect. At the Little Miss padget, she competed against some really cute girls, but standing there on stage looking like Shirley Temple, I spoke out loud to everyone around me, “That little cutey will walk away with the trophy tonight”  and she did. When asked what her name was, she chirped up with both hands on her hips and turned to the audience and stated in a loud voice, “Why my name is Jandy and I’m cute!” She was the smallest in the contest and the youngest. She had just turned three.

Hope:  Small and petite all her life, Blond curly hair that hung in ringlets all over her head when she got hot and sweaty. Learned to walk and talk before she was a year old because she had so many other kids talking and pulling her around with them during the day after she could sit alone. She was a “I love yogurt!” child who would sit on your lap, lay back like a baby doll and want you to spoon feed her even when she was 7 years old. She would laugh and smile and say, “I’m not a baby, but i want my yogurt like a baby.”

Shelly: The oldest and belonged to me. She was a little jealous to start with but after she got use to having all those ‘brothers and sisters’ she loved having them around each day. She liked to organize them into playing whatever she wanted to play and have softball games in the back yard where she could be the pitcher. She didn’t like to run bases, but she loved throwing the ball.

Jason:  Blond and bold, blue eyes and ready to obey only if caught and made to do it. He stood in the corner so much that he would come and tell me he had done something he wasn’t supposed to and go stand without being told to.  He told me once that when he was in the corner, he could be still and his mind didn’t keep him in trouble.  I just laughed and asked him what he ment. He smiled and said, ‘In the corner, I can think why I shouldn’t have done that.”

Brandon:  Dark hair, dark eyes – cute and sweet as he could be. His smile would disarm a nuclear weapon. He was a gentle spirit and happy child. He was never in trouble and most of the time he was laughing and cutting up with the girls who thought he was a “star” right out of the movie magazine. He was my ‘helper’ most of the time because I could ask him to do something and he would get it done immediately.

Kara: If dolls could come to life-like Panchito then she was one who had.  At three she was the lovely child. Obedient in all things, smiling all the time, happy to do whatever she was told to do and did it with joy. Love everyone and everyone loved her. She loved any kind of food you put in front of her and never quarled with anyone about any thing. If you spoke harsh in front of her, tears would jump into her eyes until you made it clear that it had nothing to do with her.

Jessica:  The girl with fire in her soul. She was the one who addressed everyone else with “My way or else”. Whatever she wanted to do, everyone else had to want to do it to or she would talk them all into it very shortly. She was sweet but firm. She wanted everyone to do it right and right now.  When I would tell the group something, she would take command and make sure it was done. She never asked for approval. She just took charge. I worked that to my advantage many times.

All these kids were the best children in the world. I never had any trouble out of any of them and they all were obedient for the seven years they stayed with me. They all got along together and when we went on outings, they all obeyed every thing I told them. It was like having just two kids instead of 8 because they all wanted to be together and play together so they kind of policed themselves and each other so they could be together. We went on trips to the swimming pool, picnics at the park, the lake swimming,  the library, grocery shopping – where one woman asked me, “are all those your kids” and before I could answer all of them said, “YES” and we just kept walking. When we got to the car, they all just hollered and slapped each other on the back and giggled at me. I told them, “she thinks you all belong to me personally, y’all know that don’t you?” and they all said, “Uh Huh as they shook their heads up and down. “WE are your kids all day every day five days a week, the oldest one chirped up and they all laughed so hard that I began to laugh too.

It was a wonderful 7 years.


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