Hello Beloved……A Story for Children…

A young mother, baby crying, house upside down, clothes needing washing, dishes piled in the sink to the top of the window sill, phone ringing suddenly raised both hands in the air and exclaimed,  “I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN IF IT WAS GOING TO BE EASY TO RAISE KIDS, IT NEVER WOULD HAVE STARTED WITH SOMETHING CALLED LABOR!”

Do you sometimes feel like that? Let me tell you a story:  Twenty seven years ago, a dear lady I did not know, someone who would become I bestest friend knocked on my front door with a 3-year-old in toe and a  7 week old baby in her arms. As I opened the door, I noticed the tired glassy eyes of someone who had been crying. I smiled and said, “Yes, may I help you?”  I opened the screen door and asked her to come and sit down. Holding a tiny baby in those tired arms made me want to reach out and take the baby and carry her to the sofa for the dear lady. To my surprise, she handed me the baby and walked in dragging the small child on her left hand. She hurried to the sofa and sat down moving the 3-year-old to the floor to sit down and with a rush she began talking.

I heard from a neighbor that you are going to be keeping kids and I need someone nearby to keep my girls while I go back to work. My company won’t hold my job any longer and I need to work, we need  me to be working and I need me to be working because I can’t, can’t” and suddenly she laughed and took a breath. “I am looking for a baby sitter. …  Are you interested?”  I introduced myself and she did the same. I pulled back the blanket and looked down into the face of the smallest baby I had ever seen in my life. She had a stock of blond curls and the cutest heart-shaped lips I had ever seen in my life. As I took the blanket from around her, I could see the tiny tiny fingers curled up in tiny fist. I though to myself: this baby can’t be more than a few hours old as small as she is. So I asked, “How old is the baby?” She is 7 weeks old and I know she is small, but all my babies have been small. Her name is Hope. My eyes could not help but mist up as I though “She really needs me to help her with this.”  I smiled at the 2-year-old and said, “and what is your name, honey?” 

She hid her face behind her dolly and whispered, “Amber and I am 3” I smiled back and reached out to her with my free hand and beckoned her to come to me. I wanted to know just how shy she really was. To  my surprise, she got up and walked to me, leaned up against me and said, “That is my baby sister. Her is so cute and I love her.” I kissed her on the top of the head and said, “Yes, me too.”

Their Mom, and I will call her “Mommy B” smiled and relaxed. She knew what I knew, she had just found a baby sitter for her children. She told me she had to go back to work and she wanted to go back to work. She said she just could not handle three kids. I asked her where the other child was and she said, “At school. She is older than these two by a few years..I just need your help, you don’t know how much I need your help.”

To be continued…


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