At any time in our life we can come upon a day where we have to make a hard decision for good or bad. Difficult choices make us nervous and tense. We don’t like to have to choose between something that we want and something that will harm us in the long run.
That is why it is important to be faithful in the small things of life, because with small things you can practice for the BIG one’s to come….

When someone call’s to gossip, do you 1. listen carefully so you can repeat it    2.  listen and wish they would shut up    3. tell them: I’m not interested in hearing anything about that, so let’s change the subject.

When someone is telling an off-color joke:  do you  1. listen carefully so you can repeat it   2. listen and wonder why   3.  tell them: my ears find this offensive and I’m not interested  and walk away?

When someone is tearing down your friend:   1. do you listen  2. do you listen  and sigh  3. do you tell them that this person is your friend and you won’t allow them to tear down your friendship with them or your friend.

Choose to be faithful in the little things and when the Big one comes – you will squelch rumor , stop gossip, tell the truth and be an encouragement to those around you daily.

Lord, teach me to be faithful in small things!


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