Hello World……The Lord is Good….

A couple of weeks ago, a friend brought me a book she wanted me to read. I thanked her and took it, placed it inside my notebook and left it laying on a table in a class room. About 2 1/2 hours later, I went back and picked up the notebook from the class room and headed home. I took the notebook in and lay it on a chair near the front door and forgot about the friend’s book.

During the week, the book came to my mind  and I found my notebook, opened it and looked for the book. I search the entire notebook, went to my car and searched the seat and floorboard — nothing. The book had vanished. I was upset that I had lost her book so I  first went on the internet and searched for the book, “Unavailable”. Then I went  to the Christian bookstore in my neighborhood and was told, “We don’t have that book and can’t order it without the UPC code.”

I had no choice but to tell my friend that I had lost her book. I had not even gotten to read it, and had totally lost it. She and I went back to the class room to see if it had fallen out and was still there since the classroom had not been used since I had left it. Nothing. WE PRAYED.  We asked God to help us find another book, if that one was not going to be found. A week and a half later, after I had torn my house apart looking for that book, I went to bed highly stressed and  as I lay praying, I asked God, “Why did I lose that book? Father, You know where it is and You can bring it back to me> Please, Lord, I am asking in Jesus Name for you to bring that book back to my hands! I love you Lord and You always answer my prayers. PLEASSSSSSEEEEEE!”

I soon fell asleep and slept late the next morning. As I went down the stairs, I stopped dead in my tracks at the foot of the stairs:

THERE, laying on the table, under the CD shelf, in plain sight was my friend’s book. Just sitting there like a big present from Father.

I jumped and shouted and praised the Lord….for HE is Good and He knows what, when and how to bring the best to us when we cry out to Him with love and tears. The Message in the book was for me.  You can always count on God to be on time, when you ask, seek and knock………… in faith believing that what you ask is according to His will.


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