Hello World…….I take my Focus off the battle…

Years ago – the day I got saved,  the Lord spoke to my heart and said: “I will never leave you, nor forsake you – you are mine and I AM yours–forever”

He made a promise to me that day and I have never forgotten it  This past week-end, on Sunday evening,,  my sister read a daily promise word to me from her devotional that was posted on my Birth Date. As she read it, I began shouting and praising the Lord for He was touching me again  reminding me again with that Word  – This is what she read to me:

I have promised to never leave nor forsake you, my child. That includes when I call you into battle. I am a trustworthy leader. I don’t give my recruits an assignment and then stand by and watch them fail. I painstakingly prepare my soldiers for every fight. Victory is assured when you put your confidence in me as your Commander-in-Chief.  My servant Deborah told Barak that I was going  ahead of him to give my people success. She did not focus on the enemy’s numbers or their might; she knew they were no obstacle for me. Her faith gave Barak courage.  So quiet your fearful heart, dear one. I have not lost sight of you. In fact, I have gone before you, I know all the strategies of the enemy and will teach you how to defeat every scheme.   I won’t leave you to fight on your own. You and I together–we’re invincible.

We must always take our focus off the battle and put it on the LORD.


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